May 26, 2024

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How to Update any Garmin Device Map for free

Before you want to update your Garmin Device Map, you need to install it (if it is not installed). So, here are a few steps how to create your account –

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on “Create New Account”.
  3. Enter all the information required.
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click next.
  5. To subscribe to the selected communications, or if not, click Do Not Subscribe.

Thus, your account has been created on myGramin.

Now, once it has been downloaded and installed, and your account has been created, you need to update it. It can be done free. Here are the steps-

  1. The first step is to login to your myGramin account.
  2. Then, attach your GPS device with it.
  3. There on the Home tb you will find a Register button. Click on that and follow further instructions to complete the process of registration.
  4. Now, there you will find an “Order Now” button on the Home tab. Click on it, that will make you download the free update.
  5. “Get free Update” must be clicked, and then click on “Download”.
  6. Click on “Next”.
  7. Then, type the product key and click on “Continue”.
  8. Then, click on “Download” and remember to save your file at a location that is easier to find.

Thus, your free Garmin map update is done.

But the work doesn’t stop here. Even after getting the free Garmin map update, your system might be prone to face certain issues. But those issues can also be resolved by knowing about them and taking correct measures.

How to fix Free Garmin Map Update issues without any external assistance?

Here are some of the ways-

  1. Free Garmin Map Update server error – There can be a message popped up on your screen while updating the Garmin Map, stating, “Error connecting server”. In this case, you should immediately turn off the anti-virus software and the firewall. Set the current browser in use as a default one. Also, you can try updating the map by using both wireless and wired connections, to check if any one of the two could help!
  • Problem unlocking the map’s post – If you see an option of “Can’t Unlock Maps’ Post Update, that is, it does not open even after getting installed smoothly, then diagnose and further fix the disconnected network driver and corrupt. Also, you can try replacing the shortcut for the maps created by using task manager. Even after this when you see the error not resolving, you have to reinstall the Garmin Map. This could help.
  • Slow Download problem – This problem usually arises when apart from the major downloading, several other applications are running at the back end. So, close all the running applications, unnecessary programs and security software at the back end. Also, make sure that any other device is not connected to the same internet network, otherwise, it won’t resolve the issue.
  • Failure in downloading or installing – There can be a message popping up during the procedure of downloading, stating, “Map Update fails to install/download”. Try to check the internet connection of your device and scan it to confirm that there is no malware. Again, make sure to shut down the unnecessary running programs on your device. And make enough space for the downloading file on your device, so that there isn’t any space issue.

Thus, there is a lot of importance about the knowledge that you must have and understand for the free Garmin map update for your device. Because, if you don’t have the knowledge of the same, you will have no other option rather than to subscribe to the updates for the same. And this would cost you a handsome amount maybe!

According to the information collected, the Garmin man update vendor charges around $70 for a single update.

Moreover, if you go for subscription, you will have to pay a price up-front and this way you will get a new map update, four times a year. These updates are released roughly every quarter. Sometimes don’t know for how long to keep your current GPS. But if you know for how long you need to keep your GPS device and intent to keep it for longer duration, or even demand the most updated maps, this would be completely your choice!

Garmin also provides a lifetime subscription package for a device, that is the most understandable of all. Because there are different vendors providing different packages. Talking about the lifetime package, a new device is released with a 60 days latest guarantee of the map. After that, from there you can easily pay $120 and then you will be getting map updates every quarter of the year.

Hence, this article helped you to give the proper way for free update garmin map for your device. Hope it aids and assists you!