May 25, 2024

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Smartphone For Studying

In today’s world, everyone owns a smartphone regardless of any age that has become a mandatory part of life. Smartphones are being used for various purposes every day and every time as everything is done online. From online shopping to various assignment help projects, the internet has a solution to everything. 

Digital technologies carry a lot of entertainment and are barging every day with something new every day that keeps the people and especially students hooked. For example games and songs are the older part of the technology but certain apps like Netflix, amazon prime and other such apps that carry long-lasting entertainment that often hooks the users for a longer period.

The technology has a user-friendly approach that makes things better for everyone but it comes with many negative impacts as well. It is worrying to see that children are becoming very much addictive to smartphones with the availability of every kind of content. Parents also feel hassle-free with technology and allow their kids to use phones for study purposes. But do you know how much it is impacting the studies of the children?

3 basic reasons why you should avoid a Smartphone while studying

1. It makes the student addictive

This is a very common effect that we get to see with ourselves. Any kind of technology whether computers or smartphones it keeps everyone hooked because of the reason that everything is present online. The availability is the cause of getting addicted and it stretches up to so many hours that one does not realize about it.

Students are more prone to smartphone addiction as every other website contains informative sources. It is easy for a student to simply search for a thing and read it without much hassle. Online content is easily available 24*7 and it solves various problems of a student. This smartphone addiction causes so many behavioral changes like panic attacks, sadness, anxiety, and confusion.

The overuse of smartphones can cause so many physical and mental problems and it can take time to understand these problems. Students feel isolated with the overuse of technology and become dependent on it. They are not able to concentrate in class as they feel they will learn with the usage of the internet in a better way. This way they block all other learning methods and give preference to online learning.

2. Smartphones are bad for sleep

Sleeping is very important for good health but sleeping nowadays has become a problem for everyone since the usage of smartphones has increased. Dealing with this problem is a big task as everything is becoming digitalized that you cannot resist it. Many experts have recommended limiting this usage but more and more ways of indulging in the smart technology are comping up. 

According to a study, a smartphone nearby to bed can cause multiple problems like fatigue, stress and less sleep. It creates pressure on the mind of the human being to look for more interesting things in a smartphone and always creates curiosity for some other thing. This pressure comes from the bulk of data and information which is stored on the digital platforms. Students easily get indulged into the games and social media that causes them anxiety and hampers their night of sleep that brings negative effect the other day.

Students become more curious about things at night and end up getting answers for so many hours. It affects the hormones in both the genders when they reach to adultery.

3. It is limiting the thinking ability

The creative minds are getting diminished due to the heavy usage of smartphone technology. This is becoming a major problem everywhere as students are getting reliable on phones for everything. It limits their thinking ability and affects their optical sensory development and slows down their motor nerves.

The smart technology does not give reason to think on your own as you may have seen some online tutorials showing how to do things. The capability of doing more in terms of thinking often limits their thoughts and does not allow evolving them. 

When it comes to multiple uses of technology like watching TV and using a Smartphone can cause the thegray-matter density in the anterior cingulate cortex according to a study. This gives a slow progression in the brain and certainly brings changes in the behavior. The behavior can be aggressive, lost memory, confusion, procrastination, etc. 

Not only the thinking ability hampers but it affects the physical nature of the human body. It impacts the brain in such a way that a person does not feel like doing any physical activity. Students majorly affect their visibility with smartphone usage and other systems too. 

What can you do to avoid it?

Numerous negative impacts are associated with smart technology and no matter how far you go from it somewhere you will come back on it. Here are some of the techniques and solutions to avoid technology use for the betterment of your brain. 

  • Use “detox” apps to make you stay away from the smartphone for some hours.
  • Avoid installing the game and other social media apps on the phone this can save a lot of time for the studies
  • If you feel you are using the smartphone way too much then switch on to the basic phones that are not equipped with smart technology.
  • Keep your far away from you when you sleep.
  • Do not use the internet for everything like assignment help online, online lecture programs, online solutions, etc. 
  • Look for better options than the internet like reading books, journals, newspapers, etc. this will enhance your knowledge with basics.
  • Prepare a schedule a day before so that you don’t have to look for last moment solutions.
  • Ask your teachers questions than doing a late-night study on the internet. Their experience matters on the subject and you might get to know new researches. 
  • Write on paper as much as you can because with the usage of internet students are writing the internet language in exams mostly idioms and short forms that create trouble for them. Writing on paper gives them thinking ability and makes active.