June 23, 2024

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15 Life Hacks That Will Make You Succeed in Social Life

According to the term, life hacks refers to shortcuts, tricks, skills, to new methods in increasing the efficiency and productivity of a business. Not just a matter of professional affairs, life hacks can revolve around social life. The goal is that our relationship with others is better. Most people find it difficult to adapt, confused about how to treat others well so that they find it difficult to get along.

Here are some summaries of life hack in social life that are interesting for us to try.

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1. Treat others the best way

This is the first of life hacks: Treat others the best way. Imagine that you are talking with a best friend. Also show empathy and sincere kindness as the best way to treat others.

2. Intend to help others

Never try to sell product services to ideas to anyone. Instead, try to intend to help others with it. Intend to make their lives better without expecting anything in return.

3. Present first to help when someone is having difficulties

Stand directly next to those who have difficulty. Make sure they survive the hard times. In this way, someone will never forget your kindness.

4. Share

If likened to a cake, the cake is big enough for yourself. Hence, don’t even think about owning or spending it all by yourself. Share and empower others. Don’t be too competitive. Release all jealousy and insecurity. Because these feelings will only bring trouble.

5. Don’t fail to keep your promises

Appreciating effort over results is rare nowadays. Never fail to fulfill what you promise. Speak slower but in a clear manner. Because talking quickly will show that you are nervous and bothering most people.

6. Make eye contact

In talking with others, make direct eye contact. However, eye contact must be accompanied by a gentle gaze and a slight smile. Then respect the limitations of others. Never show arrogance or deliberately leave too much impression.

7. Stop apologizing so many times          

If you really feel guilty, apologize very firmly and sincerely. Stop saying “Sorry” so many times. Stop always feeling sorry too. Make sure to apologize for the right thing. Of course, the wrong thing is if someone bumps into you, you’re the one who apologized.

8. Know when to ‘play stupid’

In fact, we do not have to always be smart. Occasionally place it in the right situation to ‘play stupid’. The goal is that you can control the situation and understand how to deal with certain situations. Appear weak when you are actually not. And show that you are strong even though you are in a weak state. Know well when you should play the role of a fool.

9. Be the person who initiates the conversation

If you want to have lots of friends in a short time and keep them for a long time, try to get other people interested in you. You do this by taking the initiative to start a conversation. For example, ask the person’s name and info, shake hands firmly while making eye contact. You can also talk to the topics they want to hear.

10. Use one’s weak points appropriately

Everyone has a weak spot. Be sensitive to someone’s weak points so you can deal with the situation well. For example, when you have high spirits, you can suppress someone. Stay humble when facing someone who shows arrogance. You can also avoid occasionally if others are considered very strong.

11. Adapt to one’s mentality

A fact will never care about feelings. Unfortunately, most people are so strong with their emotions.  When you find a fact or truth, first adapt to the mentality of someone who is sometimes irrational. In this way, you can convey a fact with the right conditions.

12. Try to remember the names of others

It is said that a person’s name is the sweetest and most important voice in any language. Indeed, the phrase is true. Everyone will feel better if called or remembered his name. So, don’t hesitate and try to ask and remember other people’s names.

13. Do good for others

Do good for others. Because most people have a sense of shame, regret, to the feeling of wanting to reciprocate when helped. It may seem insincere, but you can use it to build relationships with others.

It has become a natural trait that if someone who has been helped certainly feels he has an obligation to help those who have helped him.

14. Give other people more talk portions

Everyone will want to be valued and desired. You can try to give up to 70% more portions of other people’s talking. Because by letting other people talk more, you’re giving him the opportunity to say what he wants.

It can also make other people happy about you. Because given the portion of talk more, people will feel valued and caressed by his ego.

15. Clever to adjust

In order to get along with anyone, be smart at adjusting to people. Mute the desire to comment harshly. Because most people are so hypersensitive and prefer to be in their comfort zone.

Adaptability is necessary for many things. No wonder nowadays universities also offer communications education to answer those needs.

Therefore, some life hacks in social life that you can apply. Hopefully it can be useful and improve your social network.